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The training college for firefighters in the Austrian town of Tulln now has a modern security system. Combined with wireless linking via card (CardLink) and LEGIC contactless technology, the Kaba exos access control system allows simple cost-effective management, quick expandability and administrative flexibility.

The Regional Fire Service College in Lower Austria is Europe’s largest and most modern training center for firefighters. The go-ahead for construction of this huge 80,000 square meter facility was given in early 2004. When choosing the new security system, the challenge was to meet the very highest requirements. The specification demanded flexible access authorization, a very affordable acquisition cost and low operating and maintenance costs. At the same time, ongoing operations of the seminar hotel, training premises and emergency organization had to be taken into account.

The chosen Kaba exos solution, combined with CardLink, captures the data of around 14,000 course participants a year in a central system and manages access to the hotel and the training area. Thanks to CardLink, access to the training buildings located across the site is secured wirelessly and integrated directly into the overall system.

The security most obvious advantages of the new system include simple central management of the entire security system, a high level of administrative flexibility and optimum expandability.

A single key with a built-in LEGIC transponder opens every door for the user -- including those in the facility‘s hotel. In total, the security system comprises 50 online access points, 85 digital cylinders, 25 call stations and more than 700 locking cylinders.
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