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  Highlights:12th Five-Year Plan for IOT Development

The Internet of Things (IOT) has mounted to one strategic commanding height of new round of world economy, science and technology development. Therefore, development IOT is of important realistic significance to promote economic development and social progress. To seize the opportunity, clear direction, stress the focal points and accelerate the cultivation and expansion the IOT industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information of the People’s Republic of China formulated the 12th Five-Year Plan for IOT Development (2011-2015) in accordance with the Decision of the State Council of the People's Republic of China on Speeding up the Cultivation and Development Strategic Emerging Industry  and China’s 12th Five-Year Plan Outline for National Economic and Social Development (2011-2015).  

Current Status and Situations

Ø  Current status

The Internet of Things development is at its preliminary stage phase in China and all over the world at present. But, it has had some technology, industry and application foundations, showing a good momentum of development.

  • Initially built up the industrial development foundations of IOT 

  • Made breakthroughs in R&D of technology and development of standards

  • Yielded primary effects in promoting applications of IOT

  •  Bottlenecks and constraints  in existence, such as lagging behind the foreign counterparts in core technology and high-end products, shortage of high-end integrated service ability, lack of leading backbone enterprises, low application level, few large-scale application, and hidden dangers in information security.

Ø  Facing situations

  • The 12th Five-Year Plan period is  an important period in which Chinese IOT industry will enter into the large-scale development from the initial stage, and opportunities are co-exist with challenges .
  • International competitions becoming increasingly fierce 

The developed countries have made greater efforts to develop such core technology as the core chip of sensor nodes, embedded operation systems and intelligent computing; on the other hand, they have accelerated the standards establishment and industrialization process to buck for the large-scale development of IOT and occupying a favorable position in international competition in the future.

  • Innovation-driven becoming more and more obvious
  • Application demands continuing to expand

  • Continually optimizing the industrial environment 

Guiding Ideology, Development Principles and Development Goals

Ø  Guiding Ideology

We must take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as our guide, thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development,  hold the historical opportunities of the new technological revolution and industrial revolution of the world, grasp the opportunity of accelerating to cultivate and develop the strategic emerging industries, strengthen overall planning and promote the coordinated development; strengthen self-developed innovation and emphasize application traction; reinforce supervision and administration, and safeguard information security; strengthen the policy support and optimize the industrial environment. To stress making breakthroughs in core technology, develop key standards, expand large-scale application and construct industrial systems will lay a solid foundation for all-round development of Chinese IOT and occupying a favorable position in a new round of international competition.

Ø  Development Principles

  • Adhere to combine market orientation with government guidance
  • Adhere to combine national coordination with area development
  • Adhere to combine technology innovation with cultivation industries
  • Adhere to combine model lead with overall promotion

Ø  Development Goals

By 2015, China will achieve remarkable results in such aspects as R&D and industrialization of core technology, research and establishment of key standards, establishment and perfection of industry chains, demonstration and promotion of significant applications and initially form the innovation-driven,   application-oriented, co-developed, safe and reliable development pattern of the Internet of Things.

  • Significantly improve the ability of technological innovation
  • Preliminarily complete industry system construction
  • Remarkably enhance application scale and level 

Main Tasks

Ø  Exert Great Efforts to Tackle the Core Technology Problems

  • Enhance the sensing technology level
  • Advance transmission technology breakthrough
  • Strengthen research on processing technology
  • Consolidate foundation of generic technology

Ø  Speed up Construction Standard System

  • Quicken completion construction of standard system framework
  • Actively promote development of the generic technology and key technology standards
  • Vigorously develop application standards of key industries

Ø  Coordinately Promote Industry Development

  • Focus on IOT sensing manufacturing industry
  • Actively support IOT communication industry
  • Cultivate IOT service industry

Ø  Cultivate Backbone Enterprises

Ø  Actively Carry out  Demonstration Applications

  • Carry out key industry application demonstration in economic operation
  • Carry out application demonstration oriented to infrastructure and security fields
  • Carry out application demonstration oriented to social management and people’s livelihood service fields

Ø  Rationally Plan Regional Layouts

Ø  Strengthen Information Security

  • Strengthen R&D on IOT security technology
  • Establish and perfect the IOT security system
  • Strengthen constructing safety protection of network infrastructure

Ø  Enhance public service ability

  • Strengthen constructing public specializing service platform
  • Speed up constructing public support institutions
  • Integrate public service resources  

Key Projects

Ø  Key technological innovation projects

  • Information sensing technology
  • Information transmission technology
  • Information processing technology
  • Information security technologyØ

Ø Standardization promotion projects

  • Standard system framework

According to the development requirements for Chinese IOT, the top-level design will be implemented; the IOT standard systems will be established and perfected.

  • Key generic technology standards
  • Key industries application standards
  • Information security standards
  • Standardization service

Ø  “10 Areas & 100 Enterprises” Industry Development Projects

To establish10 industrial accumulative areas and cultivate 100 backbone enterprises are to form modern industrial clusters with professional and distinct features, obvious brand image and perfect service platform,  taking the industrial accumulative areas as carrier and the backbone enterprises as guidance.

Ø  Application Demonstration Projects in Key Areas

Including intelligent industry, intelligent agriculture, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation, intelligent grid, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent security, intelligent medical care, intelligent housing.

Ø  Public Service Platform Construction Projects

  • Public technology platform
  • Application promotion platform
  • Intellectual property rights platform
  • Information service platform

Ø  Safeguard Measures

  • Establish coordination mechanism
  • Build policy and statute environment
  • Increase finance and taxation support
  • Emphasize international technical cooperation
  • Strengthen the talented team construction

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